Hi, I'm Marguerite Elise, and I'm SO glad you're here!

I want to share my feminine secrets of love with women everywhere.

Perhaps, like many women, what you have experienced in love has been disappointing.

Doesn’t it just feel unbearable when love doesn’t work out the way that you wanted it to - the way that you know, deep in your heart, that it’s supposed to?

I know how terrible that feels -  I spent many, many years in perplexed heartbreak over unsatisfying, painful relationships with men.

It was so hard - devastating really - and it affected my life on many levels.

Yet it was all worth it.

My suffering drove me to search for answers and when I finally found them, I learned that getting the love that I wanted was so much more simple, easy, satisfying, real, and fun than I ever imagined.

And I can’t wait to share the answers with you!

I’ll shine the light on the path to love that is uniquely yours.

The path to the love that you’ve always craved, to far more love than you could ever imagine, to a love, and a life, that fulfills all of your hopes and dreams.

The path to who you really are, the lovable you that you’ve always known you could be, but just didn’t quite know how to find.

The you that is so incredibly attractive, so perfectly content in her own shining perfection, that men will swarm like bees to honey.

And that’s not all. . . I’ll give you the keys to create and build a love relationship that is always full of excitement and that grows stronger and deeper every single day.

Does it sound too good to be true?

The truth is that it’s incredibly simple, amazingly easy, and works so quickly that it will make your head spin.

In just a few short steps, you’ll begin to understand and remember how love is supposed to feel.

As you gain confidence you will move along your path with greater and greater joy and certainty.

The changes you make will ripple outward to affect your whole life and bring it to a whole new level.

I’m here to tell you, girl. This is real.

You’ve been away a long time.

The shelter and the glory of love and loving is your true home and your natural birthright.

It is your own golden inheritance.

And it's right here for you to claim.

Claim it now. . .

Tell me about you and your love situation.

Email me at margueriteelisecoaching@gmail.com

Love, XO



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You'll learn to increase your radiance, your value, and your attraction to become irresistible.

Because when your love life is good, it's ALL good.

I'm SO excited to share my secrets with you and to share your joy as your love life blooms!