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Hi, it's Marguerite.  Marguerite Voorhees

Just imagine what it would be like if you had everything you want in relationship with a man - his full attention, trust and devotion; lots of physical and emotional intimacy; plenty of time together - all of the things that make you feel totally adored and cherished.

Imagine that all the things that feel wrong in your love life right now - the anxiety, the loneliness, the confusion - could quickly and almost effortlessly turn around.

And what if all it took to do this was for you to learn a few simple feminine secrets of love.

You can feel adored, secure, content, and alive in love - by learning and practicing my simple tools.

I'm all about nature and animals, following instincts, and being wild and free and in love, the way we are meant to be.

Most of what I know about men and love I learned from animals.

AND I have been SO very fortunate to have studied with the most respected and successful relationship experts in the world, including the incredibly successful love coach genius, Rori Raye.

In fact I've learned her tools and techniques so thoroughly that working with me is very much like working with Rori Raye herself!

The most important thing I learned is that finding and keeping true, passionate, forever, whole hearted love isn't just a cruel delusion, as I was ready to believe after one relationship failure after another.

It really is natural, so easy (with just a few tips), loads of fun, and it's the single most important thing you can do to enrich your life and the lives of everyone around you - your family, your kids, your community, the world.

I love helping women to create the love and the life of their dreams.

My simple tools have helped so many women to draw their man close, connect with his heart, and  inspire his adoration.

They are drawn from ancient feminine wisdom based on instinctual knowing, and in ancient times passed down from generation to generation of women.

Sadly they have been mostly lost in modern culture, leaving many women feeling helpless, sad, and confused.

And yet, don't worry, they can be yours now.

Yes, it really is true.

You really can have everything you've dreamed of in love, and more.

Whether you're single, dating, or in an exclusive relationship, I can help you to find and keep the love you want - fast!

Or I can help you to quickly bring turn around a relationship that has become painful.

Just get ready for all the love that will come your way - because it will blow your mind!

With just a few quick tips, you'll be on the path to a deep, divine, rich, fulfilling love with your man.

A love that astonishes, inspires, and delights you every single day.

A love that is yours for all time.

Let's talk!

I'd love to hear your thoughts about love, and about what's happening in your love life right now.

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And, of course, there is absolutely no obligation.

We'll talk about your special situation, and what you want in love.

Then we'll lay out a step by step pathway to the love of your dreams.

You'll know just what to say and just what to do to draw your man or any man to you like a magnet.

You'll learn to increase your radiance, your value, and your attraction to become irresistible.

Because when your love life is good, it's ALL good.

I'm SO excited to share my secrets with you and to see your love life bloom!

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Love, XOXO


SO glad you're  here.

There is so much I can teach you about life and love.

These are secrets that every woman should know.

They have the power to make your dreams of real love and happiness come true QUICKLY!

To change your whole life. Because when love is good, life is great!

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Did I mention it's FREE? (And fun!)

You'll discover so many things about yourself and about love.

What if you felt so incredibly attractive…

that every man you met fell in love with you?

What if it’s as easy as flipping a switch?

Whether you’re in a relationship and want to reignite the romance and passion that you once shared . . .,

Or you’re single and want to find the love of your life… I can help!

I'm so sure I can help that your first Strategy Session is FREE!

Private coaching helps with everything.

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Your first Strategy Session is FREE!
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If you’re reading this, your relationship with a man may be causing you pain, anxiety, confusion, or frustration.

It could be that you’re having trouble finding someone to spend your life with, or maybe you’re with someone and they’re not stepping up the way you’d like or they’re even actually withdrawing.

Maybe you’re in despair about ever finding true love because you’ve been disappointed over and over again.

I know how terrible that feels.

We can fix this.

We can quickly turn around all the things that don’t feel right in your relationship with a man.

We can get you all of the things that you want in love - all the time, tenderness, love, attention, and adoration that you want and need, with very little effort on your part!

Is it really possible that you can learn to quickly and effortlessly inspire the adoration of every man that you meet?

It’s not only possible, but it’s completely natural for you as a woman.

It’s just that you’ve been taught all the wrong things to do and say.

Is it possible that a man who has pulled away can be inspired to want to come back to your arms again to stay?

I’ve seen it happen over and over again with my clients, and I’ve experienced it in my own life.

Almost all men want to come back.

The tools and guidance I learned and now teach are your absolute best shot at creating or reviving deep and lasting love with your man, or with another man.

Yes, even though you may only be interested in getting a particular man’s love, it’s really important that you are open to the possibility of getting attention from other men.

What I want for you is to be able to avoid the confusion, the anxiety, the pain, and frustration of being without the love you want.

I want you to experience the joy of being in your own unique feminine power, where you can lean back and enjoy just being a woman, while your man takes you and the relationship wherever you want to go!



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I'll share with you powerful secrets for reconnecting with your unique feminine energy so that your natural magnetism shines through, and you become irresistible to ALL men.

It’s not about how you look.

Or how much you know.

Or how successful you are.

It's not about what you do for him.

It has nothing at all to do with sex.

A man falls in love, stays in love, because of how he feels when he's with you.

By learning a few simple tools, you will be able to effortlessly generate passion and romance.

Your man will fall deeply in love with you and stay in love with you.

If you're ready for passion and romance . . . I can help you create the relationship of your dreams!

Your first Discovery Session is FREE!


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